Traffic Circle


traffic cones

The sole purpose of the Traffic Circle at Sandburg Elementary School is safety with an emphasis on safety for the students. Traffic Circle Directors and Student Leaders are present each morning to assist with disembarking from vehicles and to provide directions. There are several things everyone can do to help us maintain a safe traffic circle.

  1. Before allowing any passenger to disembark from your vehicle, please PLACE THE GEAR SHIFT IN PARK so there is no chance of injury due to unintended vehicle movement.
  2. Please maintain a slow speed while in the traffic circle (10 MPH or less). There is no need for speed. Rushing in the traffic circle will not help you arrive at your destination any earlier but will dramatically increase the chances of an injury.
  3. Please pay close attention to the environment outside your vehicle and do not allow anything to distract the driver while in the traffic circle. The two main distractions that have been observed are use of electronic devices such as cellular phones and helping children prepare to disembark while driving.
  4. Please follow the directions of Traffic Circle Directors and Student Leaders.


  • Parking at Sandburg Elementary School falls into one of three categories:
  • Staff - parking spaces reserved for school staff
  • Handicapped - parking spaces reserved for those displaying a current placard issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Possession of a dated certificate and identification is required.
  • Visitor - parking places intended for persons having an appointment with a member of the school's staff

Parking Rules

  • The Campus Parking Lot chain will be in place at 9:00 AM each school day. This is to control parking activity for Sandburg Staff.
  • Currently there is no assigned parking.
  • Parking will be available only to staff, those displaying a disabled placard, and school visitors with an appointment.
  • The chains will remain secured throughout the day and until dismissal time. Please plan accordingly.
  • Staff members and visitors with an appointment should contact the front office at 619-605-4700 for entry and exit.
  • All others should avail themselves of one of the many public street parking places in the neighborhood surrounding the school.
  • Violators of these rules may be cited by Police Officers
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