Single Plan for Student Achievement


The mission of Sandburg is that, together, the Sandburg learning community will continue to excel in providing the highest quality education for all children.

We will

  • believe in them as independent thinkers and problem solvers.
  • acknowledge and celebrate their unique talents by providing equal opportunities for acquiring knowledge.
  • empower them to own their own learning and expect the same of ourselves, as members of a professional learning community.
  • continue to watch, guide, listen and celebrate, expecting all students to soar to their potential.

Our Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) fulfills this statement by providing a culturally relevant environment that emphasizes research-based teaching practice (delivery of instruction), collaborative planning, and citizenship that centers on unconditional high expectations for our students, staff and community.

Our School Site Council (SSC), with input from the staff, community groups, and Instructional Leadership Team (ILT), based the 2021-2022 SPSA on a projected school enrollment of 480 students.  

Based on Sandburg's trend from the past couple of years, our populations of English Learners and Hispanic learners continue to increase. Our English Learners fall into a variety of subgroups that represent the diversity of our school environment.

Sandburg Elementary has identified word/language analysis and reading comprehension in support of reading development, writing strategies, mathematical problem solving skills and earth/life sciences with fourth and fifth grades as areas in which our SPSA will focus resources to produce desired outcomes. We believe through twenty-first century teaching tools (technology), research-based teaching practice, and planning opportunities that our students who are not proficient will flourish. Our SPSA places special emphasis on providing support from a six-hour English Language Assistant (ESL) for our English Learners who will also work collaboratively with our Response to Intervention (RTI) team in addressing Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions.

Our SPSA also channels resources to weekly Thursday Collaboratives that will target achievement of grade-level and school-wide SMART goals, data analysis, focus student progress checks, small group instruction and strategic instructional planning that supports the achievement of our goals toward proficiency. Resources were also allocated to health and safety support services for all students.

To read or download the complete SPSA, click here.

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