Student Health & Wellness

San Diego Unified Vision 2020

San Diego Unified Vision 2020 is committed to providing quality schools in every neighborhood by promoting student achievement, establishing schools as learning centers, supporting effective teaching, engaging parents/community in learning, and facilitating effective communication. The implementation of the Wellness Policy promotes student wellness, proper nutrition, nutrition education, and regular physical activity as part of the total learning experience which supports Vision 2020.

The federal government has initiated laws that set standards for improved school meals and requires school districts to follow specific criteria in order to create unique wellness policies.

Our Wellness Policy is the document that complies with the federal law. The Wellness Policy incorporates all components of the Coordinated School Health Model and federal mandates.

San Diego Unified Framework for Wellness is the implementation plan of the required Wellness Policy.

Coordinated School Health Model:

 Health Education
 Health Services
 Physical Education
 Physical Activity
 Nutrition Services
 Social-Emotional Wellness
 Healthy and Safe School Environment
 Staff Wellness
 Family & Community Involvement

School Nurse

Presently, our school nurse is assigned to Sandburg every Friday, and our health assistant is on site Monday to Thursday. Emergency first aid is rendered when necessary. However, the school does not have facilities to care for sick children, particularly those in the beginning stages of a communicable disease. Parents should keep ill children at home. Children who become ill suddenly at school or who are injured at school will receive every care, service and consideration. Parents will be notified immediately. It is the parents' responsibility to have accurate phone numbers on file at all times in the school's office and to respond to school calls.

Student Health

For the well being of all students, children should remain at home if they are ill.


The school has no way of providing for children who are ill except to contact the parent or emergency contact and request they be picked up and taken home. For this reason, it is critical that the school have current parent/guardian contact information on file.

Please notify the school office if your child is staying home due to illness.


All medications, including aspirin, Tylenol, cough/cold medicines, etc., must be left in the office. Each medication must be in its original container and marked with the child's name, dosage, and time to be taken. Only the school nurse can give non-prescription medications to students who submit a completed Health Information Exchange Consent Form. The school nurse will be on site on Monday through Thursday. Office staff will distribute medications on Fridays.

Prescription medications must be accompanied by physician's orders that include exact dosage and, as mentioned above, must be in the original container. These requirements help protect your child by ensuring administration of the correct medication and dosage.

Student Insurance

SDUSD does not carry medical or dental insurance for students injured on school grounds, while under school jurisdiction, or while participating in school district activities. However, the district does provide access to optional accident insurance. Student insurance booklets are available in the office upon parent request.

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